Typehuman sub-race
Creation17 Saunas 1590 DE
NativeBal-Kriav, Throndar

The Eenkai were created in the Dawn Era by a Sphere Creationist named Balthioul. There home world was Throndar, where they would help battle the primordial onslaught of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

The Eenkai home to the world of Bal-Kriav are descendants of intellectuals that left Throndar. They left a widespread persecution against those deemed intellectual elites. Those highly learned, science practitioners, and anything that bordered on exploring the unknown were considered a threat to the common people. In the First Epoch, these intellectuals were a rather large population of Throndar's ten million Eenkai.

For as long as anyone could remember, the Intellectual Creed made the decisions for the masses. This began to change in the Year 500. The masses clamored for rulers more representative of the common people, ones they could see and hear, instead of following some posted ruling on the walls of the seemingly endless buildings of science.

It took two centuries to bring about change. The intellectuals struggled to retain their privileged status, what they considered their right to rule because of their intellectual gifts. The Intellectual Creed, pacifists, preempted the coming purge, leaving Throndar for the stars.

- Skel'gack, of the 2nd Common Artificers - "Path of Harmony"

In 734, aboard void-faring vessels, the Intellectual Creed entered the Hollow of Tarsilja. They were taken to another system, settling on a cratered world called Gebs Rain. In the same year they arrived on Gebs Rain, the Intellectual Creed established the nation of Nordern.

In the 1692 Bombing of Geb, the Eenkai were again forced into abandoning their second home world. With the help of the god Tempestant, they fled Gebs Rain using three rifts called Tempestants Spring. Three of their cities made it to the world of Bal-Kriav.

On the world of Bal-Kriav, the largest concentration of Eenkai are in the floating cities of the Nordern Theocracy and those living in the lands of the Divine Empire.

Some Eenkai have bio-enhancements like psionic sinew. Many home to Nordern have artificial gills. Long a sea dwelling people, these gills allow them to breath underwater for extended periods of time. Some also have access to biomechanical armor and other unusual equipment developed on the arcane-dead world of Throndar and their history in the seas of Gebs Rain.

Eenkai are pale of skin, have white eyes, and hairless. They are lithe of build, range in height of 5' to 6', and weighing 150lbs - 175lbs. They are known for being intelligent and having strong wills.

Racial Traits
Elite Mind +2 intelligence
Lithe Frame -2 strength, -2 constitution
Tempestants Touch +1 Wisdom
Racial as human