Typehuman sub-race
Creation17 Saunas 1590 DE
NativeBal-Kriav, Throndar

The Eenkai are one of the human sub-races. They were created in the Dawn Era by the Creationist god Balthioul. They were first seeded on the world Throndar.

The Eenkai descendants that now dwell on Bal-Kriav come from a large group of intellectuals that fled Throndar. They left because of a widespread persecution against what would be deemed the intellectual elite. Those highly learned, science practitioners, and anything that bordered on exploring the unknown were considered a threat to the common people. In the First Epoch, these intellectuals were a rather large population of Throndar's ten million Eenkai. For as long as anyone could remember, the intellectuals held the reigns of political power. This began to change in the Year 500, as the population clamored for rulers more representative of the common people. Over the next two centuries, the intellectuals struggled to retain their privileged status and what they considered to be their right to rule because of their intellectual gifts. These intellectuals of Eenkai society became known as the Intellectual Creed. Sensing that a bloody purge was only a matter of time, many decided to leave Throndar and find somewhere else to live.

In 734, the Intellectual Creed left their home world. They journeyed across the star systems, reaching the cratered world Gebs Rain. This journey was swift, thanks largely to their use of the Hollow of Tarsilja. Their journey through the void was made in megalithic-sized voidships. These vessels carried a a little more than 100,000 souls.

In the same year they arrived on Gebs Rain, the Intellectual Creed established the Nordern empire. They lived for almost a millennia on Gebs Rain before suffering a near-civilization ending cataclysm. In the Bombing of Geb (c.f. 1692), they abandoned their second home world. With the help of the god Tempestant, they fled Gebs Rain by an inter-system rift. Leaving Gebs Rain, they arrived on the world Bal-Kriav.

The largest concentration of Eenkai can be found in the empire Nordern and the Divine Empire. Some of those in these empires utilize bio-enhancements like psionic sinew or wear biomechanical armor.

Eenkai are pale of skin, have white eyes, and hairless. They are lithe of build, range in height of 5' to 6', and weighing 150lbs - 175lbs. They are known for being intelligent and having strong wills. They are generally weaker and have less stamina than Tragarans.

Racial Traits
Elite Mind +2 intelligence
Lithe Frame -2 strength
Tempestant's Touch +1 Wisdom
Racial as human