RegionPipe Home
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesArcana, Melora
Founded25 Temporal 15

Tasartir was founded early in the First Epoch by Celanil refugees. These were largely Kriavfahliil fleeing the isle of Turgon in the Phael-Tetramord War (10 - 25). They went east, a long journey across thousands of miles of open sea. Unlike at Celanil, the people settled inland. It was a decision made by a different band of leaders. These were farmers and peasants who had taken charge after many of the top Kriavfahliil families had been lost in the war or at sea. Back by the majority, begrudgingly the noble families gave them a chance, hoping they would fail and return to the principles laid down in the Gwildath Bureaucratic Codices, the GBC. The farmers and craftspeople were successful, with Tasartir becoming Midrêth's first and still oldest democracy.

In 296, several hundred Kriavfahliil left Tasartir for new lands. Their goal was to establish their own hold based on the old ways, adhering to the doctrines of the GBC. They were accompanied, willingly, by non-noble families that also believed in rule by long established monarchical traditions going back to Gwildath. These colonists crossed the Salzârrâk Sea, then trudged east across Azrik beyond the great peaks of Kimaris. In 298, these colonists established the Andrithiach settlement; and a year later the kingdom of Melephaeusa.

Tasartir is renown for their musical and bardic schools. Their musical heritage is very old, tracing back to the great Gwildath conservatories on Kriav.

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