Mizagûm - Fjorvir
Built21 Kindle 962

Mizagûm was one of the Underdark bastions that protected the underside of the surface city Khaleddagun. In 1826 at the Siege of Khaleddagun, the city fell. After securing their prize, the Drachdekai Pact turned to securing the surrounding surface areas and the Underdark bastions beneath. There were dozens of small forts and a few large fortresses. Some served as both mining depots and military bastions. These mines hold rich iron ore veins; one of the largest deposits serving the Clan Region. Mizagûm is the only bastion that did not fall to the invaders. As a result of the Siege of Khaleddagun, a battle of the Fifth Suellk Invasion, Mizagûm has grown from a simple outpost to a formidable citadel. The defenses of this place are the strongest where they meet those of Gamazûd.

Military units out of Mizagûm have a "smoking pipe" as their symbol.

Notable Areas