Otraki Gaum

RegionGreat Expanse
Ownerindependent city-state
Founded17 Kindle 33

When Glangveif fell, a group of frost giants escaped to an icy island called Isgofnel. They built a small settlement here and called it Otraki Gaum, which translates to Last Stand. Their remote location and small numbers were such that Hofthorm did not bother pursing them. The frost giants survived by fishing and prospered from raiding the coasts.

When the frost giants first came to Isgofnel they subsisted largely by preying on others. They raided the coasts of Hrafgrir and further when the pickings were slim. The presence of Otraki Gaum and its barbarian raiders is the reason that Seven Vales coastal settlements are so heavily fortified.

Otraki Gaum has changed over the ages to be more than just a home of frost giants. It has a motley population of peoples making a living through trade, fishing, and pirating.

Civilization Tree
Otraki Gaum