Gindinâth Gurnskolf

Created14 Artifice 1455 DE
Area5,100 sq miles

In the Dawn Era, a primordial was born near the heart of the Cinazan Region. Named Geb, his birth caused a massive piece of land to break free, becoming an earth mote, a sky island. The giants of the Titan Empires named the vast depression left in the sky island's wake, the Basskaff rift, while the floating landmass was named Gurnskolf. When the Khazarkar Empire came to Cinazan in the Second Epoch, these areas were renamed to words in their language. The name changes were a policy of the Department of Retooling, part of the Khazarkar's methods of cultural domination, with Basskaff renamed Izen'nâth and Gurnskolf renamed Gindinâth. For the maps of the land, you can tell a natives map from one made by the Khazarkars, with the former always referring to place in their Giant names.

The distance between the top of the rift and the bottom of Gindinâth is about four miles. Gindinâth, an earth mote, is moored in place by sheer mass; with no winds capable of moving it.

Long before man and beast, a god was born here. He was given life with raw energies of Chaos and his body forged of earth, rock, iron, silver and other metals. When Geb was born, the earth was torn apart, leaving Gurnskolf, Basskaff, and the Kernsking Koils.

- Thraedli Legend - "Creation of Geb"

Gindinâth is reachable by paths and roads leading upwards into a tangled vine forest called the Kernsking Koils. Most paths require climbing, but they are often marked, sometimes mis-marked to leave a traveler lost or to the den of some predator. The main road is the Hloding. It is well-maintained, patrolled by Griddrir's giants.

The surface of this floating island has lakes, forests, hills, and a mountain range. The entire area is under control of cloud giants and storm giants. These groups frequently feud over the area. Also on Gindinâth are air motes and water motes of varying sizes. Griddrir's merchants trade small bottled air motes to those seeking luxury items. The air in these bottled motes is akin to breathing in pure oxygen. Some of the larger air motes are sold to the Orchish Empire, who use them for powering Kangrath's skyships.

The largest city on Gindinâth is Griddrir. During the Horgon Era, Gindinâth was the heart of an empire that ruled five millions subjects across a thousand miles in each direction. The remnants of this Titan Empire Aslauthroa are scattered across Cinazan and beneath. Griddrir, at the top of what they called Gurnskolf, is the last vestige of a once great empire.

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