Pugad War

Period812 - 817
Bâlê VS Niratar

The Pugad War was a conflict between the minotaur city-state Bâlê and the Tragrans of the Niratar Theocracy. The minotaurs had long coveted the riches of their northern neighbors, especially the ancient city Merorarg.

In 816, the war's fourth year, Merorarg fell to the horned armies of the Ba'lith Empire. Those lucky to escape the city made their way east to Moredhel's bulwarks, into Niratar lands. The rest became slaves, and eventually Ba'lith citizens.

When the war ended in 817, Niratar was pushed out of all areas west and south of the Kimaris Mountains. Many Tragarans stayed behind, joining the minotaur empire first as second-class citizens, then if they showed loyalty and usefulness, acquiring the same rights as their conquerors.