Pawn of Rioch Tetrax
Built9 Dreamer 90

The Underdark area beneath Phaluth is built up just as much as the city above. In this area is a great harbor on the Damazandal. In the Year 89, nearly 6,000 people came down this river. They were refugees of the fallen nation Malad-Mîn. They built the Underdark port Nûl-Bazân as a temporary refuge. A surface people, once native to the cold wastes of Ice Cap, they worked their way to the surface where they founded Phaluth.

In the Year 92, the people of Nûl-Bazân and Phaluth, established the Kingdom of Phlehorn with Phaluth its capital.

Sited in the Khazandulud foothills, Phaluth was the heart of a kingdom that grew wealthy and strong.

City and kingdom were wiped out with the spread of the Earth Skin Rot (1080 - present). Phaluth became the domain of dwarven liches carrying out the whims of the plague god Rioch Tetrax. The motives of these liches have varied over the ages with some interested in just maintaining what they have against internal opposition or scheming to extend their territory at the expense of their neighbors.

Phaluth is a cursed place. Its environs active with the same virulence that brought down Phlehorn. Many dwarven ghosts roam the ruins, sometimes vying for control with Rioch Tetrax's liches. Oddly enough, the strongest of these ghosts are cursed priests that serve the same master. These Pawns of Rioch Tetrax, still wear the ghostly trappings of the time they pledged their soul energy to one they trusted to provide a cure.

Tricked by agents of evil, a conclave of priests turned to Rioch Tetrax. He gave them the cure, taking their soul energy as the fee. The dwarven priests, now ghosts, attacked their own.

Even with a cure, the disease was too fast, destroying the Mother of the Maziggandîm Kingdoms.

- Negmull, High Priest of Tallsard - "Duped by Rioch Tetrax"

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