Snowflake Manse

Snowflake Manse
RegionHells Womb
Built29 Kindle 444

Snowflake Manse is a blue ice complex sited at the head of the Chemosh Glacier. Conceived by the great wizard Foropode, it was made ornate and decorative, heavy magical defenses and mere position making it very defensible. Foropode employed enslaved Thrallrir and frost giants in its construction. While it was being built, Foropode terrorized the areas around, extorting weaker peoples and battling those that did not pay him tribute.

On 2 Temporal 555 was taken in magical shackles to Kennel, capital of the Drugnod Dynasty (546 - 746). Charged as an insurgent, he was entombed in ice. With its master away, Snowflake Manse became the abode of former slaves. It then became a lair for a family of white dragons, and many others who hold it till something stronger comes along.

In 1033, a ruin, Snowflake Manse was raided by the Theegan. They found Foropode's secret library and one of his hidden vaults. The books were sold to the witch leaders at Incubus. Ten years later, the witches went to Foropode's old arcane forging area, Silfergaths Bile, where they made the artifacts Blizzard & Firestorm.

Today, Snowflake Manse is the lair of frost giants, white dragons, yeti, and a host of other ice-dwelling creatures. At the heart of the castle is a giant tower shaped like an icicle. Perodically, this magical structure shoots forth a shower of icicles into the surrounding glacier, freezing and killing anything they hit.

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