Rat Swarm

banner of the Rat Swarm
DeitiesBaphomet, Tarâk
Symbolskeletal rat head
Established6 Brightstar 835

Rat Swarm is an umbrella organization for cults, guilds, and criminal enterprises. They are headquartered in the city Neguntalc. Rat Swarm is a evil organization with business interests spread across a vast region, some say to the four corners of Midrêth. They have been behind the assassinations of innumerable dignitaries and important personages. They pride themselves on extortion, prostitution, slaving, black marketing, thieving, and other villainous deeds.

Rat Swarm's leaders are wererats and intelligent, psionic rat swarms. In fact, to gain higher station in this organization, necessitates one becoming a Wererat.

In 1661, the organization's Grim Whisker chapter, was wiped out by the Fograth. This chapter was then working for Defilnus, and since most of them were charmed, they fought to the bitter end trying to protect their employer.

In 1790, Rat Swarm was charged with the assassination of the Shounejo Ambassador Li-Gin. A murder done in reprisal for a secret Shounejo project that involved dumping wild cats ("rodent-hunters") on the isle Dorumun Overlook. Regarding this island as their "top nest", a place free of rodent hunters, the courts ruled on cultural grounds, clearing Rat Swarm of wrong-doing. The other nations of the region saw the High Court of Neguntalc as nothing more than a kangaroo court; how could the ruling be fair when Rat Swarm ruled Neguntalc.

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