RegionHells Womb
Class19th wizard
RaceKriavian Elf
Alignmentneutral evil
Born7 Saunas 304
Died2 Temporal 555

Foropode was an evil Kriavian Elf wizard of the First Epoch. He was a master of ice magic, harnessing elemental energies to create powerful magic items, create new spells, and advance existing ones. He was the first to change the fire property of the spell fireball to one of air and water resulting in the what is now called an Iceball. He used Thrallrir slaves and frost giants to build his hold Snowflake Manse. This place was built of snow and ice and originally more decorative than defensive. When he died, much of this construction was built over or demolished by those that once served him.

In Order 3C, a plan of the Drugnod Empire to bring tribes under their control, Foropode became a mercenary of gnoll tribes seeking to keep their independence. A master wizard, Foropode wrecked havoc on Drugnod's soldiers. He became so feared that even a rumor of him being in the area would made units turn away from it. Gaufthaur Drugnod, leader of the Drugnod Empire, decided to personally deal with the bothersome wizard. She, along with many elite attendants cornered Foropode in his manse. They locked the area down with magic, preventing any escape by teleport or inter-system travel. On 2 Temporal 555, Drugnod's leader struck Foropode down. Using the Osyluth Scythe, the wizard was entombed in a block of ice. Foropode, in his icy prison, was taken back to Kennel where he is sometimes brought out to display to foreign dignitaries or simply to amuse its leader Yack-Leban.

Foropode's most well-known magical creation is the Icelandic Staff. Although not as well known, his tomes were instrumental in the creation of one of the most powerful mortal artifacts of the realm - the artifact Blizzard.