RegionHells Womb
Class19th wizard
Alignmentneutral evil
Born7 Saunas 304
Died2 Temporal 555

Born in CelebriƤn, Foropode was a master of ice magic. A master at harnessing elemental energies, he created powerful magic items, new spells, and advanced others. He was the first to change the fire property of the spell Fireball to one of air and water, creating the spell Iceball.

At the head of the Chemosh Glacier, he employed Thrallrir and frost giants, building an ornate hold named Snowflake Manse.

In Order 3C, a national plan of civilizing the people that would become the Drugnod Dynasty (546 - 746), Forope took the side of the those against centralized control. He became a mercenary for the tribes fighting to keep their nomadic ways, so feared that even a rumor of him being in the area made units turn away. This ultimately forced Gaufthaur Drugnod, leader of the Drugnod Dynasty, into personally dealing with the bothersome wizard.

On 2 Temporal 555, Foropode was struck down by Gaufthaur's weapon, the Osyluth Scythe. Entombed in a block of ice, Foropode was taken back to Kennel where he is sometimes brought out to display to foreign dignitaries or simply to amuse the city's current leader, the demon Yack-Leban.

Foropode's most well-known magical creation is the Icelandic Staff. Although not as well known, his tomes were instrumental in the making of the artifacts Blizzard & Firestorm.