Galadriël - Hadraniel
RegionLands of Purity
Wood Elf70%
DeitiesAredhel, Sehanine
Established19 Bloom 112

In the Year 52, wood elf colonists of the Ancalimë Kingdom came through the Oaken Gate, settling in the Elberial Forest.

On 19 Bloom 112, with Ancalimë approval, the elves of the Hadraniel Sector broke from their mother country, establishing the Galadriël Kingdom. There territory was centered on Hanthaerion, stretching north to the Galathien Sea and south to the Pearl Sea. From the west, their territory ended at the Lerchadan River, and east it ended at the Ikhen Swamp.

The arrival of Tragarans from Gulimbor in the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), brought trade and prosperity. The Tragarans were hungry for resources. Commerce and friendly relations between the Farinteen Empire and Galadriël was strong, interrupted only a few times by Farinteen proselytizers too eager to spread their religion into elven lands.

During the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the elves suffered terrible losses from battling undead hordes and the devastation wrought by Katrana's activation of the dragon relic Zuwuth Uv Enkii. With the continued fiery destruction brought about by the dragon orb, Galadriël's civilians and much of her fighting forces were forced to the safety of Viressur's walls. This was a place built to house five phoenixes, an edifice impervious to fire. Several thousand Galadriël soldiers went east, joining the armies forming around Iglutt, the nucleus of what would become the Holy Quinary. In 1486, a year after entering Viressur, Galadriël's soldiers and civilians were overtaken by a spell that put them in a timeless sleep.

In 1533, aged veterans of the Black Tide War, a group calling themselves the Golden Elite entered Viressur. They broke the spell affecting Viressur's occupants, freeing Galadriël's crack soldiers and civilians. Six years later, Galadriël's armies join the Holy Quinary. After the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), many of the Holy Quinary's members went on to establish a federalist state comprised of mixed races, the Country of Malacost. Galadriël opted out, remaining a kingdom. Like with the Farineen Empire, they are strong allies and trading partners of the Country of Malacost.

Today, the greatest threat to this kingdom are the fomorians and their lackeys which dwell in great numbers beneath them - in the black reaches of Onvorn.

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