Typearcane lore

The Path of Yolos Paagoliik is a method of arcane learning focusing on fire spells. In the Horgon Era, several dozen Kriistvrii learned this form of magic from a red dragon named Loziik'vun. In time, these fire-focused mages formed a guild called Yolos Paagoliik ("Flame Walkers"). When it was learned that Yolos Paagoliik was being manipulated by Loziik'vun, acting against Zeymah'kein, the guild found themselves hunted. In the Yolos Paagoliik Inquistion, one of many inquisitions in Zeymah'kein history, the guild was liquidated.

In the First Epoch, writings on the Path of Yolos Paagoliik were found in the ruins of the imperial capital Gaard Goraag. The finders of this arcane lore was an adventuring band named the Scions of Loziik'vun. They revived the Path of Yolos Paagoliik under the guild Enkii, better known today as Embers. This guild is one of four mage guilds that can teach the Path of Yolos Paagoliik. Any other persons that teach this magic are branded an enemy of those of the Path of Yolos Paagoliik, and leave their fate to the combined might and resource of these guilds.

Let no one tell you that all fireballs are alike, or that spells are universally the same. Some paths of the arcane will teach you how to change a spell's effects.

- Cûrkûc, Tragaran teacher of the Magis Institute - "Paths of Arcane"

Game Effects

A mage trained in the Path of Yolos Paagoliik casts fire spells that cause +1 hp/die and that burn for a number of rounds after they are cast. The duration and damage per round is equal to the spell level plus the caster's intelligence modifier. The burning effects comes from a residual sticky substance that is difficult to remove. A saving throw is allowed each round, equal to the original spell's saving throw. The effects can also be removed if someone dives into a pool of water.

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