arctic caverns of Badmaer
TypeSubterranean Tier 1 (Brucrumus)

Badmaer is the Underdark region beneath the Ice Cap. The most important and historical river of this Underdark region is the Damazandal. In the Year 89, some of Malad-Mîn's refugees used this river to reach the Unaraggumak region. These dwarves then made their way to the surface (in what later became known as the Clans region) and would later establish the kingdom of Phlehorn.

One of the largest empires of this dark realm is Gamakkhazar. The Azwyr Amoruk of this confederacy are constantly fighting with other Underdark races and warring with the dwarves of Brisingr.

Badmaer is just as icy and treacherous as the landscape above it. It has the same blue-ice as in Ice Cap and a cold sea that is frozen over for most of the year. During the times it is frozen over, merchants use its openness to cross to other areas of commerce, and war-minded peoples use it to raid their enemies.

Region Maps
Cities of Badmaer
City 3FoundedDepth
Esgal Hof640 LE-2300'
Phaerssysn2255 LE-2500'
Uromon364 HE-2750'
Anta'lumin1537 HE-1900'
Fallen Empires
Well Known Access Points