Diiv Kiir

Diiv Kiir

Diiv Kiir, dragon words, is loosely translated to mean dragon-descended. On Bal-Kriav these dragon descendants are scattered all over, perhaps 100,000 souls across all of Midrêth.

Diiv Kiir are of a humanoid race, with dragon-like features. These features rarely include wings or even talons, and on the whole are much more subtle than their closest dragon-blood cousins, the Kriistvrii.

Diiv Kiir come about naturally and unnaturally. The natural way is intercourse with a dragon that has shape changed into humanoid form, or vice-versa. The unnatural way is process of magic and a dragon's blood mixed then pumped into a near-term mother. Whitefang's sorcerer/monster-makers are one of the most well-known for this latter method of making more Diiv Kiir.

If there is a sizable population of us, we can form family groups and mate among each other, but even this has its limits. Other measures are taken to assure the continuity of the line, you could say that some dragons build their sizable hoards from their services.

The greatest Diiv Kiir bloodline is that of your family, the Biles. Our line is strong, storied, a legacy of leaders blessed by Bahamut for its strong blood and the guidance of Ares for its nobility and warrior spirit.

- King Bile, Son of Vahriz of the 6th Lineage, from his book Family Lessons - "Bloodlines"

The Council of Bile has the largest dragon-descended population. In this empire, three of the more notable dragon-descended groups are the Bile family and the families that make-up two of the Orders of War. One of the orders is the Ladies of Castration, a militant society composed of nothing but dragon-descended female knights. The other of these Orders of War with a dragon heritage are the Wardens of Aspungad.

Another area in Hells Womb with a large Diiv Kiir population is the city of Scartaris.

The dragon bloodlines of the Lands of Purity are generally lawful and good with many being a product of the Eenkai and gold dragons. These dragon-descended hail from Gebs Rain with most citizens of the Nordern and the Divine Empire.

The presence of dragon-descended in Nordern is said to have helped Tempestant's pleas to others gods for sanctioning a divine intervention. In the Bombing of Geb, she sought to save the Eenkai from what would be their doom if nothing was done. The delay of The Balance decision forced the chaotic goddess to move on her own, with no regard of possible censure or even banishment from the Bal-Kriav Pantheon. It was Bahamut who helped her pass the legal hearing before The Balance leading to a very light punishment. Theologians say that Bahamut to took an interest in the matter because at the time Brucrumus had very few dragon-descended of law and good. When the Nordern people came to Bal-Kriav, the number of dragon-descended of gold dragon bloodlines was two thousand. Since then it has quintupled and likewise boosted the influence of Bahamut in the Lands of Purity.

- Kyn'thoud, theologian of Helmstar - "In Divine Interest"

The dragon-descended have bloodlines to a particular dragon. In the Aerie of Dragons, a white dragon named Amaglothorn spread his seed among the elven maidens of Inzurakthol. The offspring of dozens of these maidens were dragon-descended and the lines have carried on since then. These dragon-descended peoples are often referred to as the Children of Amaglothorn.

Among clans, tribes, and even in some civilized areas, the dragon-descended often have an additional title to their name like Son of or Daughter of some dragon. Hundreds of Sons and Daughters of Amaglothorn dwell in the lands and holdings of Tári Súrion.

Dragon-descended people, no matter what their race, have a distinguishing mark that sets them apart from other dragon-descended bloodlines. This birthmark, bodily feature or coloration has been referred to as a Dragon Vanity Mark. The Khage have dragon-descended among their clans. These dwarves with dragon ancestry are noted for having either silver fingernails or stunning silver hair that looks more like the delicate silver hair of the elves. These two groups of dragon-descended come from two different silver dragon bloodlines.

Racial Traits
Racial as dragon-descended
Notable Diiv Kiir Groups
Common RaceDragon Type FeaturesConcentrationFamilies
Kriavian ElfWhiteTári Súrion
TragaranBlackCouncil of BileBile
TragaranBlueBathor, Scartaris
TragaranGoldDivine Empire
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Notable Families
  • Bile
  • Blackclaw
  • Greenfang
  • Redtail