Purging of the Hags

Messu-Nora hag
Period151 - 156

Early in the First Epoch, the Tragarans of southern Marninnoth were plagued with abductions and attacks by the hags of Messu-Nora. For almost 120 years, the Tragarans feared these forests in and around Hedrac. They had numerous tales for all ages about the hags and other evil fey of this dark forest. In some cases, the hags were not as evil as some made them about to be. These same hags would capture Tragarans and then teach them psionics. While others, would sell the training for jewelry and manufactured goods. Nobody knows why the hags went through this effort. Some think that the hags were possessed or influenced by something that wanted to prolong themselves.

The Auhtai Obloids, vessels bearing the minds of ancient Auhtai, are the reason for the "friendly" hags of Messu-Nora. The hags, creatures of pure evil, could only have been changed by something in their heads. It is more than just coincidence or luck, there were too many of them for the period with skills in psionics, and readily training and educating our forefathers. Somehow, they found Auhtai Obloids, perhaps in the same way we later did.

- Hînnoth Cûrgâph, excerpt from his book "The Beginnings of the Way"

The hag influence, along with with the Auhtai Obloids is how the Tragarans of this area, and later the Borillisk Empire, became so well-known for their strong psionicists.

The overall evil perpetrated by the hags led to larger and larger bounties for hag heads and to massive hunts for the hags. This lasted for five years and became known as the Purging of the Hags. By the Year 156, the hags were wiped out or driven deep into the valleys and mountains of Barândîr. Their population was not allowed to recover for almost a millennium. When the Borillisk fled the continent in the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), the hag population made a rapid recovery.

Rather than just kill the evil ones, the hunters were driven by purses of gold, and some by the religions fervor of Ptah's children. They killed old ones, young ones, evil ones, perhaps neutral ones, and very intelligent ones with a great knowledge of using their mind.

- excerpt from a learning manual found at Mîras-Sûr

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