Nidurrâb is a widely spoken language. It is an alien tongue, brought to Bal-Kriav by the Lith-Crillion. Other races of the realm that have taken Nidurrâb as their first language are the Khazarkars, the Nithians, the Minotaurs and the Sadar-Nizar.

The Khazarkar learned Nidurrâb from the ancient relic Agêrdul. After a time, this device led to the abandonment of the Khazarkar language, and its replacement by the Lith-Crillion's language Nidurrâb.

During their slavery to the First Khazarkar Empire, minotaurs were forced to learn and use their master's language. After several generations, the minotaurs had forgotten their ancestral Primordial tongue.

The Sig-Lorm also speak this language. They learned it from their time working alongside Ptah, during the building of the labyrinth Reconstruction, and their training in the Way of the Mind.

The Langurâpha language is derived from Nidurrâb.

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