Founded25 Lunar 905

In the southern tracts of the Giant Steps is the Umahanbad capital Naram-Gunal. It was founded in 905 by expelled dwarves of the Clans region.

From the many conflicts with the Orchish Empire, it has grown to be a mighty bastion with many five rings of walls and 116 towers. The great defenses of the place are also needed because it is sited in a dangerous place of the realm. It is roughly 100 miles north of Sorrow Pass which has a long history of wars starting in it or passing through it. These conflicts usually spill over into the lands of the Umahanbad. The Orchish Empire has attempted to seize Naram-Gunal over a dozen times in the last millennia. Its defenses are also needed to repel attacks by gnolls coming east from the Northern Hordelands, along with the occasional Jara raid. The city's northern walls are built taller and thicker, a necessary measure given the troublesome frost giants coming out of Nym-Zoedine.

Naram-Gunal has suffered many rebellions and civil strife yet never fallen to a foreign power. In its early history, the city had slave rebellions which twice resulted in temporary rule by its slaves.

Naram-Gunal is known for its great forges and armaments merchants. There warehouses are said to contain enough armor and weapons to outfit the entire civilian population of the Orchish Empire - more boast than truth. The first suit of Elem-Guard was made in this city.

The city's trade with Hells Womb goes by way of the Ragil then south down the Foronir river. When not at war, they trade east with the gnolls of Garormuk and in peaceful times on the other side of the Foronir with their long-time rivals Orchish Empire.

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Notable Areas
  • Bloodbath Dam
  • Firestone Mines - silver, iron
  • Tungmourn Lane - black silver forges
  • X73 Metals facilities
Civilization Tree