Hellbleaker Ausul'veydiik

RegionDhark Bolg, Ma'Ohari
RaceRed Dragon
Titleformer Emperor of Goth-Dyvermoir
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born9 Lunar 315

Ausul'veydiik, meaning bleakness of Hell or simply Hellbleaker is of the Gral Wahliik, descendant of Tiamat His grandfather was Balta'khar. His mother was Ahnutrix, one of the Reds of Kilth that brought down the Felak city-state and others in the Kilth Deeps War. Ausul'veydiik was born during the Red Scourge. He was part of Ahnutrix's last clutch of eggs, secreted away till the time was ripe to incubate them.

In 799, Hellbleaker and his army of fire giants attacked the city-state Orias Vual. The city's population, nearly all firenewts, having grown lazy with riches and opulence were militarily unprepared for the attack. In the past, chests spilling over with gold and gems were enough to keep enemies at baby, but not Hellbleaker. He was bent on taking all of what Varelay had and more. Over a period of fifty years Hellbleaker and his arm of fiery brutes had taken three other city-states - two underground and one on the surface. In addition to taking this great city of the Varelay, they captured a population of firenewts numbering in the tens of thousands. Nearly all of them found themselves in chains and sent off on projects to rebuild what would soon be a new empire.

In 832, Hellbleaker absorbed the vassal state of Orias Vaul and others into the Goth-Dyvermoir empire.

In 1456, an army of fire giants and Gol'hakh led by the Asvard Fjoll descended upon Orias Vaul. The force was so large that the keys to the city were turned over to the besieging army. Hellbleaker abdicated by fleeing underground. He took most of his huge treasure hoard and an entourage seeking to rebuild the church of Huhueteotl. Many of these acolytes of a now dead god, were killed by troops of Aebilchunus or lost in the seemingly endless lava tubes of Sephu'phis.

Hellbleaker has never been seen or heard of after his descent into Sephu'phis. Some suspect he either went deep in the Underdark or flew along the Earth Seam to some other area of the realm.

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