Embers Enkii

CategoryMage Guilds
RegionAerie of Dragons, Hells Womb, Lands of Purity
HeadquartersParadomea City
Alignmentvaries by cell
Symbolblack robes on fire
EnemiesOduv Ven
Established27 Dreamer 316

This guild was founded in the First Epoch by an adventuring band named the Scions of Loziik'vun. Prosleytizers of Loziik'vun, they founded this guild to teach others the Path of Yolos Paagoliik. It is named Enkii, Draconic for Ember. When the guild's headquarters moved to Paradomea City, they became more commonly referred to as the Tragaran translation of Enkii, or Embers. In the Aerie of Dragons, where Draconic is widely spoken, the guild still goes by the name Enkii.

Early in the Second Epoch, Embers and three other guilds that taught this form of fire magic, established tenets on restricting who can teach the Path of Yolos Paagoliik. Anyone not of these guilds that teaches this path of magic is branded an enemy of those of the Path of Yolos Paagoliik.

Embers is a guild for invokers. Its mages are trained in the Path of Yolos Paagoliik and schooled in warfare. The mages of this guild are much sought after by battlefield commanders. In fact, since the guild's inception they have received medals in many of the battles and wars fought across southern Brucrumus.

Guild members are allowed to worship any deity, but those of the Aerie of Dragons tend to pay homage to Tiamat. The guild has a variety of alignments and attitudes towards each other. These alignments sway from neutral and goodly members in the Lands of Purity and chaotic and evil ones in Korbortun.

Cells of Embers
Frin HilAerie of DragonsSuf Sungaar
Gel SlenGrashakhKorbortun
Kii ZeymahHells WombParadomea City
Ruv YiilLands of PurityHelmstar
Notable Personages
NameField of StudyNotes
BagulEvocationEmber Councillor