Drugnod Dynasty

CategoryFallen Empires
RegionNorthern Hordelands
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesDemogorgon, Krak-Oth, Yeenoghu
EnemiesJara Horde, Witch Horde
FounderGaufthaur Drugnod
Reign546 - 746

In the Year 546, a dynastic line of rulers, under the family of Drugnod established the Drugnod Dynasty. They began a campaign to take control of more than forty gnoll and goblin tribes of eastern Zyrath. In Order 3C (547 - 556), gnoll chieftains across Zyrath were coerced or forced to come to the table, agreeing to the establishment of territories and security. After a decade, and much internal conflict, this led to stability in a region that had since the Horgon Era been one of seemingly perpetual war between the tribes of the Northern Hordelands.

Under the leadership of a dynastic line of empresses, all Drugnods, the region experienced a period of civilization and enlightenment. Artisans of Kennel built great monuments of hounds, like the Hound Gates, and developed their own architectural style. The military was advanced through tactics learned from the earth archons of Hornfels. With territories, the government had the beginnings of a republic, yet still constrained by the word of the Drugod empress and her extended family.

In 740, the empire suffered its last civil war. Called the Hlothangi Insurgency (740 - 746), it was started by those wanting a return to their nomadic ways, of the wild and savage hunts written on the story pillars of Kennel. In 746, hastened by the end of the Drugnod Pact, and the elimination of all the Drugnod's daughters, the empire came to an end. The responsibilities of government fell to the regional leaders, the senators of what became known as the Yagamph Republic.

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