LocationToomoneth, Mephigax, Turgon

Kerriack is a long undersea canyon beginning off the eastern coast of Toomoneth Isle. From there it bears northwest for thousands of miles, an enormous canyon, ten miles wide in some places, and numerous side rifts as it if were all a great crack in the world. Kerriack ends near the demon infested isle Turgon. Before the erection of the Turgon Boundary Wards, dozens of aquatic demons escaped into Kerriack, some stayed and still terrorize areas around their lairs, others moved on, and the less wily were killed by the natives.

Kerriack, in parts shallows, others very deep, is beneath the waves of the Mephigax Ocean. It has long been an area of overabundance, marine life attracted to a verdant landscape dotted with underwater volcanoes, dead or dormant cones, and great reefs and kelp forests. The latter two enhanced by undersea druids.

Of the many smaller canyons splintering from Kerriack, one is said to be the resting place of the Black Chariot.