RegionLands of Purity, Northern Hordelands
MapKuli-Cir Forest

Kuli-Cir is a vast evergreen forest stretching from the ridges and valleys of the Storsalds to Yadyast. The trees of the forest are enormous with roads and paths built along branches and dead-falls a hundred feet in diameter. It is a shadowy place, haven for gnolls, giant spiders, displacer beasts, shadows, vampires, werewolves, su-monsters, a tribe of Theegan shades, and many other potential threats. In times past, it was much different, peaceful.

In 1545 HE, githzerai refugees of the Incarsabec Rebellion (1531 HE - 1544 HE) found their way to this tangled forest. Said to have been guided by their god Ptah, they re-occupied eight monasteries that once trained Covenant soldiers in the Way of the Mind. By the end of the Horgon Era, these githzerai had Ara'rya, Osar'ged and the other important monasteries cleared and habitable.

In the First Epoch, the Theegans pushed south into the Northern Hordelands. They were forced west by gnolls laying claiming to the plains of Tadab-Hal and eastward for hundreds of miles. The vast area of Kuli-Cir became home to dozens of Theegan tribes alongside eight great monasteries. Each of these monasteries had the population of a descent sized village, all Githzerai, and unless training, not mixing with those beyond their looming walls. The Theegans enjoyed trade with them, taking a bit of amusement in the way they lived, enlightenment, learning, and bodily improvement through discipline and strength.

In 738, the Witch Horde was established. This empire unified the Theegan tribes of the region. Those that once lived in scattered villages, once friendly to the githzerai, eventually turned on them; doing their part to please and gain favor with Incubus's vain witch leaders. Over the next three decades, the githzerai were driven from most of their redoubts, leaving their thousand year homeland, for the heights of Achamâz, holy ground, where they built the settlement Ithilmar. To this day, they wage a low-level conflict with the Witch Horde, stirring up tensions, keeping others from trying to gain a foothold of Kuli-Cir's southwestern tracts. The githzerai monasteries in the east resisted encroachment, never falling or being brought into the conflicts around them.

For centuries before law and order reached the forest's southern edge, Theegans raided the many settlements popping up along Galathien's northern shores. When pursued, these raiders returned to the safety of Kuli-Cir, disappearing into the tangles, into the shadows, or into one of the area's dozen forest mazes, places that once served as training areas for monks. When the Divine Empire (1829) came to power, they put great effort into stabilizing tracts around Osar'ged, near their expanding territory. The most dangerous of these hostile elements, so-called "insurgents", is the Grimyat. People of the shadows, they wage a guerrilla war with the Divine Empire, like they did with the Farinteens (1017 - 1504), the Witch Horde and all the gnoll empires that have come along since the time of Yagamph.

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