Daklode Infantry
Alignmentlawful good
DeitiesDanzar-Khâl, Kebechet
FounderIrazân Daklode
Established21 Artifice 427

In the Year 396, Phlehorn sent clan Daklode on a mission to secure and colonize the northern mountains bordering the High Wood Country. In 398, they founded the settlement Tarbhunarâg. They fought many battles to secure Gakhs southern slopes. Most of the conflicts were with hill and frost giants, goblins, gnolls, wyverns, and other beasts of these windswept peaks. Rúmil had little use for such a hostile environment, leaving the dwarves to colonize the mountains.

As the centuries past, Daklode lost contact with the "Mother Kingdom" and with their other brethren in the Clans region. By the fifth century of the First Epoch, the Daklodians had splintered into a multitude of clans. In 427, they established a kingdom with General Irazân Daklode its first king.

In the Year 970, dwarven colonists were sent east. They made their way across the southern boundaries of the High Wood Country and then across many other regions until they reached the Giant Steps. In 980 they arrived at Nym-Zoedine. They built settlements in and around this glacier and went to work mining. The largest settlement founded by these Daklode colonists is Bazandaggûl.

The dwarves of Daklode dwell in the Gakhs. Most of their forts, castles and other holdings are connected by tunnels and treacherous mountain paths. Their mightiest of castles hold roosts for giant eagles, griffons and dragons.

Daklode has the honor of guarding the northern borders of the Clans region from any attack that may come from south from Voternil or northeast from Ohtarion. They fought two great wars with the Spirachiln and several with Rúmil.

In the hills north of the Gakhs are vast deposits of coal. Much of the coal for the rest of the Clan empires is supplied by the Daklode kingdom.

The dwarves of Daklode were the first race of creatures on Bal-Kriav to turn the discovery of steam engines into mass use. They were the leading members of the Clan Council to push for the creation of Kibar-Kûn.

The preferred mount of Daklode's armed forces are owlbears. They have hundreds of these in service proving themselves deadly in combat and great at traversing rugged terrain.

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