RegionKarnegmoth, Weretopia, Sakal
Alignmentlawful good
DeitiesDanzar-Khâl, Primus
Established8 Bliss 415 LE
Cinduk Mekarra Ezel

Akthol-Tharag is a religious state south of Mîm-Gûled. It was established in 415 LE by two Turkûn clans - the Akthol of Aphalur and the Tharag of Grongak.

The empire has a theocratic government with a staunchly religious population. The religious fanaticism of the people is a product of Aphalur. This ancient holy city was built eons ago during the Dawn Era. It once served as a base for a holy special forces named the Golden Seven. The nature of this city and its contents have had a major influence on the development of Akthol-Tharag's civilization.

The people of the empire are largely reclusive and rarely allow visitors to pass through Mîm-Gûled. Many of the nation's people belief that outsiders will spoil or even defile the holy grounds of Aphalur.

In the First Epoch, Akthol-Tharag came into conflict with the Tinnanguth. The Tinnanguth sought to take territory in the Elephant Backbone and mine its supposed vast wealth.

In 211, a civil war resulted in change of government. This came about from several old clans claiming to be the oldest and most noblest, and thus deserving the right to guide the people in these dark times. The dark times they were referring to was a brutal war that lasted ten years between Akthol-Tharag and the giant league Virkning. In the war Virkning Rising, Akthol-Tharag's population was reduced by nearly a half, resulting in a war exhausted populace eager for change and revival. A popular vote was successful leading to the old clan's families being designated as royal and from them would be determined the ruling head. This led to the pairing of the two strongest clans and their two most powerful families. Akthol-Tharag's reigning theocracy resisted the popular vote leading to the Akthol-Tharag Civil War. After a year of war, rather than see the nation further weakened in the face of the ever-present giant threat, the theocratic leaders stepped aside allowing the establishing of royal families and becoming a kingdom headed by equal power sharing king and queen. The priesthood and its massive bureaucracy merged in with the new government. Akthol-Tharag remained a monarchy for nearly five centuries. This changed in 701, when after being fed up with a series of corrupt rulers the the old theocratic elements came back on the scene and overthrew the government by military coup. Overall, the people accepted this change knowing that at least the theocracy are tethered to religion and perhaps more honest than the recent spate of bad kings and queens.

In 702, colonists from Akthol-Tharag were sent east to claim more mines and territory. In 703, they founded the settlement Chunswornkrak. After about two decades of infrequent contact and communication between motherland and outpost resulted in them ceding and establishing the kingdom of Nathargundu.

In 1690, the dwarves allowed merchants to establish trade with Ambaratel. They supply weaponry in return for wood, spices, and other foodstuffs. It wasn't long till Rilirthad spies learned of the dwarven trade in arms. Seeking to stop the flow of arms from Akthol-Tharag, the Rilirthad began attacking dwarven caravans.

In 1703, the Eradication War started with a divinely touched battle called the Battle of Burakkhelig. Akthol-Tharak lost the city of Grongak in this battle.

Akthol-Tharag's werebears have lineage to those that left Free Tooth in the Shifter Separation.

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