The Nillunâth joined the Minâth-Nôrî on 22 Temporal 614. For the last year before this date, the reigning Queen's assistant had been having an affair with the King. The King and assistant, deeply in-love, had the Queen murdered. Once this was done, the Queen's assistant Akalûnê Nillunâth married the king. The family would cease to exist on a similar note in 823. This came about from the reigning Queen, Nâlo Nillunâth having an affair with a young officer in service to the king. After getting rid of her husband, in 819, a young military officer named Raxcvillibus married the reigning queen.

King Raxcvillibus and Queen Nillunâth were happy for a few years, but the Queen began to have dalliances with other dashing young officers. Rather than ending up like the previous king, Rax had the Queen brought to trial and with stacked jury, she was dethroned and executed for acts embarrassing and destabilizing to the empire. Now secure in his position, with the military at his back, he convinced the Khazarkar High Court to exile the Nillunâth family, deeming them a threat to national security. Once out of Khazarkar borders, Rax had them tracked down and liquidated.

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