Pumice Throne

Built17 Hollow 751

The Pumice Throne is a powerful artifact holding the soul of the Nithian archmage Anubeth. This former wizard-governor of Tamlêrran waged a protracted war with her step-brother Igas for control of southwestern Magrâbik. When she learned that her brother was building a powerful artifact to summon aid from a faraway world, she followed suit. Anubeth's agents stole the secrets of its construction.

Anubeth and Igas (c.f. Glacial Throne) created two equally powerful artifacts and went insane in the process. They made the thrones out of Tolm and because of the properties of this stone, they built them where they still sit today, immovable, high in the mountains surrounded by a giant-built citadel.

Anubeth powered up her artifact with a Sphere of Arcane. She came upon this powerful magic item with the help of Surtur. He temporarily loaned her a cutting tool for extracting one from the Cube of Arcane. This act of divine aid to a mortal got Surtur censured by The Balance. This censure made it so that Surtur could gain no more influence from anywhere on Elemantum.

To carry on their struggle for as long as needed, Igas and then Anubeth made the ultimate sacrifice by transferring their souls into the thrones. After this transfer, the artifacts became sentient and immediately opened up rifts to an elemental world matching their maker's school of magic. The Pumice Throne created the Glothreth Rift, a one-way rift between the worlds Muspelheim and Bal-Kriav. The Thrones War started almost immediately, first as small skirmishes then into a full-scale war between massive elemental armies that have built-up from those coming through the rifts.

The Pumice Throne is located in the region named after its creator. This fiery region is called Anubeth. The Flaemis rule this region and are subservient to the whims of the Pumice Throne. Any physical ruler of Flaemis has limited control of the throne and is always viewed by the throne as second-in-command.

Anyone sitting on this throne or entering the throne room will most likely be dominated, thereby becoming a servant to the Glacial Throne.

- Grimrock, "The Thrones of Elemantum"