Pumice Throne

Built17 Hollow 751

The Pumice Throne is a powerful artifact holding the soul of the Nithian archmage Anube. This former wizard-governor of Tamlêrran waged a protracted war with her step-brother Igacin for control of southwestern Magrâbik. When she learned that her brother was building a powerful artifact to summon aid from a faraway world, she followed suit.

Anube powered up her artifact with a Sphere of Arcane. She came upon this powerful magic item with the help of Surtur. He temporarily loaned her a cutting tool for extracting one from the Cube of Arcane. This act of divine aid to a mortal got Surtur censured by The Balance. This censure made it so that Surtur could gain no more influence from anywhere on Elemantum.

Reaching the limits of their mortal existence, and bent on carrying on their game, Anube made the ultimate sacrifice by transferring he psyche into her artifact thrones. After this transfer, the artifact became sentient. Now inside the Pumice Throne, Anube unleashed its power, created the Glothreth Rift, a one-way rift between the worlds Muspelheim and Bal-Kriav. The Thrones War (751 - present) started soon therefter.

The Pumice Throne is made out of Tolm. It is an immovable object in the bowels of the great city Glothreth. The owner of this city, Cinderfall, is a largely guided by Anube, the psyche inside this throne.