Founded26 Prey 346

In 344, Mezrack settlers left Mîmig-Khâla. Embarking on a Pod Nautiloid from a port beneath Felth they set out north into Nielalroch. They used the Sea Tunnel to take them far east, with them coming up the Typhoon Nexus off the coasts of Enkii Jusk. They went north to the bay Klo'nah Lomok and then inland where they established the settlement Ilbaragûn.

Ilbaragûn is the capital of Rethmorg. The city is sited on the northern rim of Mulbind-Fel. It is a testament of dwarven engineering with massive fortified walls and towers. The walls and towers are adorned with colossal basalt heads of leering dwarves. They have array of facial expressions; scowling, laughing, stoic. Ilbaragûn has numerous smelters and blacksmith shops. As a result of this industry, near continuous plumes of smokes billow from the city. Most of the arms and other products of the city are shipped south by way of the Neingol river. The city has a large population of Toomrur and goblin slaves. Most of the Toomrur slaves were citizens or soldiers of the Ogre Union. The dwelling of these unfortunate slaves are in two filthy and disease-ridden districts.

The city's largest trading partner is Molcombur. This Mîmêk kingdom has a large town two miles into Mulbind-Fel. Ilbaragûn also trades with the peoples of Ulgošân, but the majority of trade goes to Azrunâth and then ports beyond.

In 1164, Rethmorg's people were forsaken by Naraz-Nâru. In cities and holds across the empire, shrines and temples were torn down, Ilbaragûn's great Church of Naraz-Nâru was reduced to rubble, built over with a grandiose gothic Church to their new patron god Tarâk.

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