Founded26 Artifice 346

On 19 Bloom 344, settlers departed the ancient city of Mîmig-Khâla for the continent of Brucrumus. From Felth's great subterranean port, they embarked in a vessel of Lith-Crillion ingenuity, a Pod Nautiloid, traveling north into the Nielalroch Sea. Seeking a place to wait out a passing storm, they entered the isles of Azrinn'nûr. In this area, they found their ships caught in a strong current, taken into the maw of a great whirlpool. At the time, this whirlpool was the entry point for the Sea Tunnel. The three month journey along this extra-dimensional canal took brought them to the coasts of Enkii Jusk. From Lokzii Ven, the exit point of said Sea Tunnel, they sailed north to Klo'nah Lomok and then trekked inland where they established the settlement of Ilbaragûn. The latter part of the journey was a secretive one. With guides out of Azrunâth, they avoided the patrols of Bughor, along with the bay's ruthless pirates and pitiless slavers.

The city is sited on the northern rim of Mulbind-Fel. A testament of Mezrack engineering, its walls and towers are thick. They are buttressed with beams of mithril and protected with Travel Impenetrability Wards. The citadel's walls and towers are adorned with colossal basalt heads of leering dwarves. They have array of facial expressions; scowling, laughing, stoic.

Ilbaragûn has numerous smelters and blacksmith shops. As a result of this industry, near continuous plumes of smokes billow from the city. Most of the arms and other products of the city are shipped south by way of the Neingol river. The city has a large population of Toomrur and goblin slaves. Most of the Toomrur slaves were citizens or soldiers of the Toomrur Hegemony. The dwelling of these unfortunate slaves are in two filthy and disease-ridden districts.

The city's largest trading partner from beneath, are the subterranean holds of the Molcombur. On the surface, most trade go to Herthjof, and sea bound to Azrunâth and ports beyond.

Ilbaragûn was made capital of the kingdom of Rethmorg on 26 Brightstar 1044.

In 1164, Rethmorg's people were forsaken by Naraz-Nâru. In cities and holds across the empire, shrines and temples of this god were torn down, replaced with those dedicated to their new patron god Tarâk.

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