Abyssal Energy Demoniac Energy

AliasDemoniac Energy

The Threads of Damnation, the stuff that would create the demons and corrupt Piranoths Steps, came about from the merging of entropic energy and unholy energy.

When new demons are formed from chaotic evil souls they are infused with abyssal energy; a process generally called Abyssal Infusion. In the Demon Spawn War, captured mortals or those who spent too much time on corrupted worlds, were subjected to this energy resulting in the creation of such races as trolls and orcs. Near the end of that war the link between the Abyss and the Mortal Systems grew weak. As a result of this "hardening of the systems and worlds within", abyssal infusion became ineffectual across the Mortal Systems.

Areas that have been too long under the influence of abyssal energy take on aspects of the Abyss. This often leads to permanent changes in the land and its denizens. Two of the most well-known area to have suffered this are Cilarrion of the world Kriav, and Turgon of the world Bal-Kriav.

Abyssal energy, often associated with demons, is sometimes referred to as demoniac energy.

Make no mistake, the demons have never given up. Unable to take Quara'tun by force, they seed the lands with their spawn, the Azwyr Amoruk, the Mughorzan, the orc, the greenies, ...

- Apoxlin, in the Council Halls of the War Maidens - "Level 3 Demon Infestation"
Energy Composition
AbilityRequired AmountExamples
Demon Classification51%all demons