LocationDorumun Overlook
OwnerRat Swarm
DeitiesBaphomet, Poseidon, Tarâk
Founded8 War March 690

Neguntalc was founded by a group of Dromite pirates operating in the Buccaneer Archipelago. In the early 800s, the place became infested with wererats. A decade later it was being ruled by them. The wererats took over the guilds. Unsatisfied with their position, some turned to pirating. The most crafty of them formed Rat Swarm in 835. This was an umbrella organization to handle affairs between its members. Under the Rat Swarm, Neguntalc became a safe haven for pirates.

Neguntalc is located on Dorumun Overlook. The population of this city is composed of many traders, merchants, and bankers, making a market in illegal goods and the robbed goods and contraband produced from pirating. A vast black market is carried on in this city and the masters of the place offer protection to any pursued pirate ship, at a price of course. On a number of occasions, the numerous caves surrounding the Dorumn Overlook have belched cannon balls on military vessels of the Ora Tubruš and the Holy Armada of Malacost. A few attempts have been made to punish the city by a naval blockade, but these are often fatal to the besiegers with ships loosing their anchors from rough seas, or the loss of their masts from high winds, and most dangerous of all are the violent storms that send vessels onto the many rocks that surround the island.

The city is a haven for wererats and other lycanthropes. It is controlled by the Rat Swarm. This organization and other guilds in the city are involved in all manners of mercantile activities, thieving, assassinations, and other acts of criminal intent. In addition to the numerous wererats of the city, there are always foreign merchants passing through, and pirate ships and their bawdy crews fill the harbor and dock-side watering holes.

The city proper is reached by sailing through four sea caves. These causeways take a ship into an open sea lake, several miles long and a mile to two miles in width. This area holds a large port, capable of holding more than 200 ships. The city rises from the sea waters and up the cliffs behind it. These cliffs have carved shelves, cut 200' into the rock hold streets and buildings of the city. The interior of the island is hot and muggy in the summers and a pleasant and cool place in the winters. The more affluent city dwellers have cottages and dwellings on the upper areas of the island. Here the temperature is cooler from the breezes of the Pearl Sea.

The southern area of the island holds fields for raising crops, producing great wines, and offering a few cottages for rest and relaxation. Many of these are occupied in the cooler months by important personages, and their retinue of spies, which come here to relax, and to gather information from the numerous passing ships which come here.

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