Tarband-Khâl - Narbuzad
Founded3 Kindle 9494 GE

Tarband-Khâl was founded by Turkûn soldiers that had served under Naraz-Nâru in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). They were part of the storied Mîmêk Army that had served long in the Underdark. When the war with the demons ended, these people became known as the Mîmêk. They settled in the hills east of the Rukhs desert, south of an ancient primordial edifice named Nemexus. This structure then had, and still does, troves of lore and wonders left behind by the disembodied thinker Ingu'lumin. The Mîmêk planned to use the place's technology in securing the wild lands around them. Patrolled by air elementals, teams worked to unravel the mysteries of psychic imprints scattered and shifting. When unlocked, they provided bits of lore they hoped would give them an advantage in an untamed land.

By the second century of the Lith-Crillion Era, Tarband-Khâl had become a place of importance and new ideas. Travelers from afar, came seeking ancient lore and relics. Schools of magical studies were founded, enticing some travelers to join their ranks in collaboration or in teaching. The first printing press was built in the machine shops of Tarband-Khâl; deeper origins of the printing press come from the drawings of Ingu'lumin, designed but never built.

By 348 LE, Tarband-Khâl was a large fortified town. In the same year, the town's leaders were greeted by the Lith-Crillion. This advanced race, seekers of technology and lore, were interested in Nemexus. They pushed aside Tarband-Khâl claims, telling the town's leaders that they were not to the task of truly understanding the works of Ingu'lumin. They also warned that their tampering would in all likely release some being locked away in the place, something so powerful that it would extinguish their upstart civilization. Failing to come to terms, the Maziggandîm Conflict followed.

In 355 LE, Tarband-Khâl was abandoned. Its people fled into Zurukthûr, then down into the dark reaches of Unaraggumak. Some went to live in the mining town Munarkûn and others east where they founded Dushinbal.

In a remote and untamed area, Tarband-Khâl is a ruin inhabited by beasts and monsters. For a few centuries in the First Epoch, it served as the abode of a family of shadow dragons. Driven out of Andigimok's lands, they made the ruin their new lair. The people of Phlehorn named them Tarband's Wraiths. A constant nuisance, preying on Phlehorn's farmers and frontier villages, in 361 they were put down; their legendary trove was never found.

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