Ebethords Crawler

Built23 Dreamer 774

This marvel of engineering and magic was created by the Tinnanguth Empire. Dozens of arcanists and mentalists channeled earth energy from the world Granitoid into a rocky outcropping south of Râpha-Sûn. This mass of rock had long been a problem with navigating the Sap river. While it was slowly charged, hundreds of earth elementals toiled at shaping the long end of the rock. Once this was done, the final step of the casting was executed. The earth elementals who has touched the rock, found themselves drawn into it, becoming its engine.

Like a great rocky centipede of a thousand crawling legs, the Crawler slowly moved.

- Zîntib Ebethord, Head Scientist of the Crawler Project - "Son of Granitoid"

The device's locomotion is by means of trapped elementals and earth energy siphoned from Granitoid. Movement was said to be slow and very noisy; taking a week to travel the distance of a horse in a day. A fortress was built atop it, and this fortress in time grew to a small town. In support of this mobile fortress-town, aqueducts and cranes were built in areas from Râpha-Sûn's outer walls into Tîlû. It was a serious deterrent against raids coming out of what was then a tangled and wild forest.

Ancient texts of the Tinnanguth say that Zîntib Ebethord, a senile, yet highly esteemed and powerful Dove Council senator of Tinnanguth had commissioned the building of The Crawler. In later years, he bored of his toy and took up the cool and healthy living of the shores. Here he took up the interest of shipping, parking what had become known as Ebethords Crawler on the shores of Whalebin. The device was coveted by Tinnanguth's Hawk Council. They decided that a retired senator should no longer possess such an item of obvious military use. The debate that followed of the merits of doing this led to Ebethord becoming insane, driven to paranoia. To defend his Crawler, the arch-magi and former senator, did the unthinkable. He broke the seals that contained some of the earth energy that powered the device. Once these energies were released, they coalesced into their true forms, a batch of nearly two-hundred earth elementals. All were promised freedom if they served Ebethord blood. The duped elementals agreed, and they served the bloodline of Ebethord. They defeated the government forces sent to take the Crawler, nearly starting a civil war. The most charismatic of the elemental guardians of The Crawler was a Dao named Puldork Lherzolite-Tun.

In 801, Ebethord died. This led to the passing of The Crawler and her guardians to his oldest child, Lady Sembyar. She leaned to the Hawkish side, a strong nationalist and believing in strength over diplomacy. Her actions would later lead to the downfall of Tinnanguth.

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