Turgon Boundary Ward

BuiltYear 27

The Turgon Boundary Ward is a boundary ward that encases all of Turgon. It was made to keep marauding demons inside and to control the influence of Demogorgon on the realm. The abyssal creatures and a permanent gateway to Demogorgon's realm came about during the Phael-Tetramord War. This war ended with the entire landmass of Turgon falling under demoniac control or threat.

In the Year 27, the god Arcana erected a boundary ward around Turgon. The magic of this ward is anchored to the ground with tolm monoliths. Due to the danger of Demogorgon, his multitude of demons, and the Ungorth Reddik Road, The Balance and their angels maintain a vigilant watch of the ward. They have sent expeditions into Turgon on several occasions to kill intelligent demons working on experiments or making devices that would potentially be used against the Turgon Boundary Ward.