RegionNorthern Hordelands
Ownerindependent city-state
Founded11 Hollow 743

Near the end of the First Epoch, with the founding of the Witch Horde, the Githzerai of Kuli-Cir were driven out of an area that had been home to them for a thousand years. They abandoned Ara'rya, Osar'ged and the other monastic holds of Kuli-Cir, places that since the Demon Spawn War, trained thousands to be monks, martial artists, and psionicists. Forced out by the neighboring Theegans, a people who had long been friends, the Githzerai retreated to the safety of the holy mount Achamâz. The guardians of this place, in an unusual act of charity, allowed them to make their home in the plateau's southeastern spur.

Ithilmar is cut by many waterfalls and canals. Behind these is the a lone towering peak, dotted with shrines and places of contemplation. The city below all this beauty prospers from its mining activities. Their forges are known for producing fine chainmail armor, scimitars, daggers, and javelins. The city carries on the Teachings of Kul-Cir, teaching and training warriors of the fist, mentalists, and those seeking enlightenment. Ithilmar's healers are renown for their ability to cure insanities and others problems of the mind.

An independent city-state, Ithilmar's largest trading partner is Kugirmuk. The most profitable export is coal from Khazur; so abundant that the Divine Empire helped pay for the costs of building a railroad to the cliffs beneath Ithilmar.

Holding to the rules of Achamâz's sentinels, Ithilmar is only home to Githzerai. Other peoples can visit the city, but cannot stay for more than three days.

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