Founded17 Saunas 211

The ruins of Chal-Kazod, Tragaran for meaning "Meeting Place", are sited at the meeting of lake Girrun'nâth, the Imrabêl valley and the southwestern edge of the jungle Woad. Chal-Kazod was founded by Tragaran settlers out of Lanirûk.

Chal-Kazod grew strong and rich from the numerous mines dotting the southern spurs of the Pharôzîn mountains. In Imrabêl's southern hills were more mines and dozens of water mills. In the early part of the First Epoch, the threat from that direction was the minotaurs. They had lived in Imrabêl long before the coming of the Tragaran migration from Ma'Ohari and Azrik.

The city's economy benefited from its location on a major trade route. Chal-Kazod controlled the southern entrance to the Imrabêl valley, charging tolls for road use and taxing imports.

In 255, this town of 15,000, was captured by a Khazarkar army under King Belkazim. Chal-Kazod joined Akann'ndâb as the two major holdings of the Kingdom of Belkazim.

During the third and fourth centuries of the First Epoch, the khazarkars began coming into conflict with the minotaurs of Imrabêl. In 412, the First Khazarkar Empire went to war with the minotaurs (c.f. Third Imrabêl War). At the end of the war, the defeated minotaurs became slaves. Chal-Kazod took on most of this slave population.

The city suffered many battles and wars as Ing-Serold and the Khazarkar empires and kingdoms jockeyed for dominance in the valleys of southern Gulimbor. With the rise of the First Khazarkar Empire, Chal-Kazod served as strategic bastion for communication with their territorial push through Imrabêl.

During its heyday, the city had many rival schools and guilds of the arcane arts. Many of the guilds acted like schools. They offered arcane learning and admitted some of the students into the guild. Two of the longest lasting guilds of Chal-Kazod was the League of Magicks and the Eldritch Conclave. The reckless use of magic that would cause the Gulimobr Cataclysm was learned in this city.

In the Gulimobr Cataclysm, the city suffered acid rain and magical storms of lightning that ripped through the city. Chal-Kazod was abandoned when the Khazarkars departed Gulimbor (c.f. Great Exodus).