Founded21 Hollow 720 HE

In 720 HE, Gwildath colonists left Kriav for another world. By way of a feywild fuse, they came to Bal-Kriav, a world of another system, settling on Turgon Isle. A month after their arrival, they founded Nénharma. Surveyed by Gwildath's Settler Division, the GSD, Nénharma was founded near a dense forest and marshy delta cut by streams and rivers. There closest neighbor, the natives, were the Graagvrii. The GSD noted them as a primitive and savage, useful as laborers if the settlers got desperate.

Over the next millennia, Nénharma grew to be a powerful city-state, exerting an often overbearing influence on the island's other peoples. These actions led to conflict with the island's northern peoples and Turgon's other elven city-states.

In 933, Cirongwathir was founded by Nénharma separatists.

In the sixth year of the Phael-Tetramord War (10 - 25), Nénharma fell to the Tetramord. For three years, it was garrisoned by Graagvrii legions, before being recaptured by a combined army of wood elves and gray elves. It fell again in the Year 25, this time captured by forces serving Demogorgon. In these last days, Nénharma's mages used teleportation portals to evacuate half the population with the rest taking to ships. Most of these refugees ended up in the High Wood Country; a region of the Brucrumus mainland where they went on to to establish the Rúmil Empire. Another group has the misfortune of being blown far off course. They ended up on the coasts of Hells Womb, nomadic for a long time until the founding of Elalmoth on 12 Kindle 65.

Today, this demon port city is home to wisplings, demons, and other terrors. The wisplings are a product of demons and halflings. The latter finding themselves with no way off the island, were captured in the war. Some were mated with, others sent into slavery. The halfling died out, but the wispling proliferated in great numbers. They are a constant problem for Demogorgon. He won't eliminate them, for they have proven far more industrious than his demon labor units.

The river Cirathrin runs through part of the city. In the Year 75, abyssal energies corrupted the Turgon Aeries. This caused the land to buckle, dropping half of the city into the river's black waters. The tops of these sunken structures now serve as the pylons for a very large shipping port.

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