Hedrac War

Theater of Operations
Period996 - 999
First Khazarkar Empire VS Borillisk

Started by the First Khazarkar Empire, the Hedrac War was one of a series of wars called the Domination Wars (995 - 1016). It came about from Borillisk's refusal to allow Set's missionaries into their empire. At the time, the ruling government of the First Khazarkar Empire was a magocracy called the Eldritch Conclave. No friend to state religion, they supported the Church out of necessity, they needed the Church's money.

The rise of Conclave web weavers brought about a great interest in tapping into The Weave, unleashing its great stores of arcane energy. Once they got a taste, it was like an addictive drug.

- Zôn'ndas, excerpt from Khazarkar History - "Rise of the Conclave"

The Hedrac war was fought in the Alêth Forest, and across the icy Vale of Hedrac and into the Barândîr glacier.

The Khazarkars got the upper-hand when they blocked the valleys and passes, slowly pushing Borillisk's people towards the city of Lanirûk. Fighting along with the accelerating devastation of the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203) eventually forced the Borillisk from lands that had been their home for the last three thousand years.

On 12 Lunar 999, the Borilliskin government having escaped to Sahuld, signed the Hedrac Treaty with the First Khazarkar Empire. As part of this peace treaty, for a period of nine years, they were to give no aid to any parties hostile to the First Khazarkar Empire.