Built21 Kindle 817

Construction on this place begin with the fall of Tinnanguth. The military leaders of Akthol-Tharag figured it was only a matter of time before Tinnanguth's former Earthen slaves turned their eyes on them. This soon came to pass with the dao warlords of the Dao Civil War inflaming tensions between the free Earthen and the other peoples of Karnegmoth; saying they did nothing to stop Tinnanguth from enslaving their kind.

Mîm-Gûled is a mighty bastion built into the walls of four slender peaks. The slopes of these peaks have been shaped to form a semi-circular wall, 400' high and sheer. The stonework is so well done that from afar, except for the existence of a road ending at the bastion's walls, the place looks like a very large box-canyon. On a closer inspection, the canyon walls show the outlines of doors. There are hundreds of them, of varying sizes and shapes. In times of conflict, these are opened to reveal fighting platforms and ramps.

Beyond this mountain bastion is a road with more than a hundred switch-backs. This road is the Khulan Band. It rises into the towering peaks of the Elephant Backbone. Mîm-Gûled guards this road into Akthol-Tharag's heartland.

Notable Areas
  • Khulan Band