Founded14 Dreamer 1789 HE

In 1789 HE this settlement was founded by the elderaunt tribe Duraigosân.

Around the Year 940, Tigošal began digging deep into the stone lands of Mazâd-Khâl. They found rich veins of platinum and gem deposits. They also built a number forges, using the extreme heat of sub-surface lava rivers, to fabricate fabulous armor and weapons. Without regard to the dwellers beneath the surface, Tigošal miners tore the earth asunder in search of natural resources. This went on for a period of thirty years. Unable to bear the reckless plundering of their territory, the Stone Wardens opened the Earth Valve; a relic serving as a stopper to one of a tributary of the Great Vein of Surtur. In 978, with the Earth Valve open, a fiery river was released upon Mazâd-Khâl destroying dwellings and filling mine tunnels for 20 miles in all directions. Extreme heat and poison gases forced the abandonment of Tigošal. After Mazâd-Khâl became a wasteland and the city abandoned, the Stone Wardens warned Ivory Asylum of further plundering. The two parties signed the Treaty of Mazâd-Khâl in 983, resulting in Ivory Asylum giving up claim to Mazâd-Khâl and Tigošal.

Today, Tigošal is a haven for beasts, monsters, and warring Sussgurd factions. Those seeking adventure here or prospecting often don't get killed by the Sussgurd, instead becoming a slave here or sold to Sakullêth slavers.

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