Auhtai Obloids

Typedevice of creation

Nearing the end of the Horgon Era, Hive's Ahutai city-states were all but gone. Giant engineered bugs and Hive Swarms ran amok, hunting anything smaller than them. A dozen or so Ahutai, holed up in Tal'tich, refused their impending fate. Using crystal obloids, these Ahutai, each a highly skilled psionicist, transferred their psyches into these crystal receptacles.

In 201, Tragarans out of Lanirûk, explored the Tal'tich ruin. Their most notable find were several crystal obloids. These devices, and their largely benevolent hosts, were to prove instrumental in opening the minds of those with psionic potential. They would make Lanirûk and later the Borillisk Empire, centers of psionic schooling and research.