RegionAnubeth, Igas, Magrâbik
Fire Archon15%
Fire Giant10%
Fire Elemental5%
Fire Troll5%
Alignmentlawful evil
EnemiesArtaxertus, Tamlêrran
Established26 Hollow 755
InzilthôrKathôn BathurinSapthûn

Cinderfall was founded in Year 755. This came on the heels of a ten year war between three fiery city-states - Glothreth, Slagrlod, and Volmgeir. The Three Flames War ended with Glothreth subjugation of its rivals. Since the founding of Cinderfall, it has been ruled by a fire giant emperor. This leader is a mere figurehead, with the real power held by guilds and other influential bodies. Like Cinderfall's rival Artaxertus, actions of the empire's leaders and government are heavily influenced by a legendary throne. The one in the empire's capital city Glothreth is known as the Pumice Throne.

Cinderfall Law is considered quite harsh with punishments including immersion in freezing waters, castration, or dismemberment. Most of the empire's fiery races are descendants of those that come through the Glothreth Rift; an inter-system bridge between the worlds Bal-Kriav and Muspelheim.

The empire's Gradorian, heavily involved in banking, law, and the intellectual sectors, are the descendants of the Mir'piamauza Empire.

Cinderfall society is organized into 80-100 guild houses representing everything from alchemy to zoology. Most citizenry are affiliated with or active members of a guild house. When not directly helping the war effort, the Thrones War (751 - present), these guilds jockey for internal power and position in the government hierarchy. This involves quite a bit of foul play with them conspiring, murdering, or outright attacking rivals.

The only deity worshiped in this empire is Surtur. This monotheism is a product of a long-standing agreement between Anube and Surtur, she uses his legions in her game with her brother, and Surtur gains another beachhead on Bal-Kriav, in the process gaining more divine power with each new worshiper.

In 1829 a large part of Nautrek became frozen. This created a land-bridge between Elemantum and Brucrumus. At the same time, a rupture in the Elemantum Boundary Ward allowed a Cinderfall army to cross the land-bridge and arrive on the shores of Brucrumus. A year later they were fighting in the Cinazan Front alongside the Horde of Chaos and other allies of the Flux Pact.

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