Ag Staaz Burning Harbor

Ag Staaz
RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded12 Brightstar 351
MapEnkii Jusk

Ag Staaz is sited on Kii Nev's eastern edge. A port city on Morwuld Briin, it is a major commercial hub. West of the city are the fiery wastelands of Sebgult. Creatures unaccustomed to high heat, gas, and other volcanic conditions will find Ag Staaz unpleasant if not deadly. When the winds shift east from Sebgult, noxious gas and bitter dry heat from the lava flows overwhelm the city. Many traders and travelers from foreign empires have been slain in such occurrences.

Ag Staaz is haven to many salamanders. They lurk in the liquid magma lake Kimiel. Many mammoth canals pass under the city. These were built to channel lava flows away from flooding the city's streets. These areas have also become the temporary lairs of red dragons and other wandering monsters. Many passages have been cut from these lava canals into the sewers of Ag Staaz and into the depths; some descend deep into the Underdark.

The city gets most of its wealth from gold and adamantine mining, as well as pirating. The Irkeldraks and Kii Nev have hundreds of mines that have seemingly endless veins of gold, adamantine, and gemstones. Ag Staaz harbors shou pirates and itself has no significant navy. As such, it relies on foreign traders to move its goods. Due to its protection of pirates, Ag Staaz is periodically attacked by the Dragon Aramada. The Shounejo navy has in more recent times been reluctant to pursue pirates within range of Ag Staaz's deadly harbor cannons. The city has a dozen Cyclops Harbor Cannons and can call upon the aid of several red dragons if the need arises. This harboring and sponsoring of pirates has led to a number of reprisals and conflicts, with the greatest being Kiihus Vaaril.

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Ag Staaz