Diortfel Pact

Period409 - 412

The Diortfel Pact was a military alliance between the kuo-toans of Fongruk-Toa and the illithids of Ginrall. The goal of the alliance was the subjugation of Elalmoth. Members of the pact sought to enslave most of the city's population. Elalmoth's kriavian elves knew their fate so many chose suicide over getting their brain eaten or put to work in some Underdark mine. The kriavian elves were confident that they could defeat the enemy, since they had been fighting off raids by the illithids and kuo-toans for centuries. When Fongruk-Toa and Ginrall forged the pact, a brilliant illithid general named Diortfel reorganized the two armies with illithid advisors serving with the kuo-toans. They coordinated their attacks and within a couple years had Elamoth in a state of permanent siege. The kriavian elves were forced to fly in food by griffons or use magic.

On 13 Hollow 412, Elalmoth fell to the Diortfel Pact. The illithid victory was short-lived, for in less than a year, they were being attacked by their former allies. Records found at Ginrall say that when a kuo-toan was captured and interrogated, he explained that the reason for them raiding illithid territory was simple:

The elves are gone, and your the only ones left in the area. The Great Mother demands sacrifice.

- unknown kuo-toa, excerpt from a Qualith interrogation record

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