Great Minotaur Revolt

Period785 - 796

The Third Imrabêl War led to the enslavement of Imrabêl's minotaurs. Nearly five thousand of them were sent back to the First Khazarkar Empire where they went to work in mines, forges, and other labors.

Nearly four centuries later, on 12 War March 785, the First Khazarkar Empire was rocked by what became known as the Great Minotaur Revolt. The minotaurs begin a long campaign of unrest and insurrection. Many of them fled into the mountains, swamps, and the non-combatants migrated west into Azrik. Those that stayed behind waged a guerrilla war with the Khazarkars for their freedom.

In 796, the First Khazarkar Empire agreed to peace terms. They ended the methods of the Minotaur Cultural Edict, freeing the minotaurs from bondage. The freed minotaurs went west to Azrik. In this region they split into two groups. Those more interested in rebuilding minotaur civilization went north into the Carodrak Mountains where they founded Ilfongrak. The more warmongering minotaurs, with little interest in settling down, building, and farming, went to the lowlands south of Merorarg where they founded Bâlê. From this camp, they raided Merorarg' frontier. In war councils, they greedily discussed ways to capture the seize their neighbor's lands and riches.