ruins of Râpha-Sûn
Founded3 Hollow 890 HE

In the Horgon Era, the Durkoth empire Abâthigûr, sent colonists to the Karnegmoth region. Finding unclaimed land, and evidence of rich resources in the interior, they built Râpha-Sûn.

Râpha-Sûn served as the center of commerce and control for Abâthigûr's western colonies. It became a very important, and rich colony. It had access to resources lacking on the isles of Necrocrypt. The two main resources they exported back to the empire's heartland were hard woods needed for ship building, and copper. The latter came from the mines that would come to honeycomb the Imsogrek mountains. The wood came from Holentur and the now lost forest of Tîlû.

During the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), the city suffered civil unrest as its masters gave up the surface for the ocean depths. The Sussgurd fought the Hydrocur for control of the city and their freedom. In 1000 HE, the Sussgurd took control of the city.

In the Holentur War (210 - 222), Râpha-Sûn battled their neighbor Ethenoran for a chunk of Holentur's adamantine rich hills.

In 338, the rival city-state of Liope captured Râpha-Sûn. Two years later, the Tinnanguth empire was founded. Râpha-Sûn became one of this empire's holdings.

Over the next five centuries, this port city grew rich and became the center of Tinnanguth science and arcane training. At the time, the advancements of the city's research in medicine and alchemy were far ahead of anyone else in the realm. The place was abandoned and fell to ruin when the Tinnanguth were conquered by their former slaves in the Dao Insurrection.

The expansion of the Brownlands led to the burying of much of the city. The ruins are now several miles upland from the Whalebin bay. Partially buried in these ruins is Ebethords Crawler.

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