RegionAerie of Dragons
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesAres, Melora
Founded1 War March 1985 DE
MapEnkii Jusk

In the Year 86, a band of Talaxans started on a journey that would take them across a long stretch of Midrêth. This journey came to known as the Long Flight. The group comprised 426 Talaxans from Dechôz. They flew across Straiden, up the Buccaneer Archipelago and then over to Enkii Jusk. They settled in the peaks and valleys of Hokzii Stov and began scouting for the great holy site Tulukhan. This place was the sole reason for the Long Flight.

Tulukhan is a holy site of Ares spoken cryptically spoken about in a Scroll of Dawn. This scroll, penned by Ares, alluded to the presence of a massive mote anchored in the mountains. A place that served as a floating battle platform against the hordes serving the primordials and later the demon scourge that swept Bal-Kriav. The fortress Tulukhan was used in both the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War and was never captured. It was a floating military headquarters for Ares in the Creation War, and then Asmodeus in the Demon Spawn War. The Talaxans, some out of curiosity and others believing it a holy site, made the daunting journey from the distant lands of Straiden all the way to the eastern reaches of Brucrumus. When they arrived, the Talaxans split up and scoured the mountains for this legendary island in the sky. After finding it, they turned to clearing the place of rocs and others that had turned it into a nest or lair.

One of the Plaques of Aphalur - the one named the Balthioul Design, eludes to the fact that Ares built a place high in the sky to serve as an arms depot. He mined it out a massive floating rock, one buoyed by elemental energy, and part of the broken continent of Šadullu. When Bal-Kriav was left to the mortals, Tulukhan was magically hidden in a land surrounded by Tiamat's pawns and the minions of Orcus.

- Nindonor, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Balthioul Design"

The lucky few who have been allowed into Tulukhan, tell stories of warriors armed with ancient weaponry and ornate armor. The oldest suits of armor and shield bear a crest that once represented service to Ares. This symbol is no longer used by Ares, having been taken out of usage and reserved for those noble wearers at Tulukhan. Under escort, visitors are allowed into the interior of Tulukhan where they can see ancient forges and golems tirelessly doing the work of blacksmiths.

Tulukhan has several elite academies for training warriors in specialized skills. Those who have went to these academies say that they have to give up a lot of freedom while they live and train there. They are always watched and have to report any excursions away form the city. All the secrecy of the place has some thinking that something is hidden inside Tulukhan.

The city-state of Tulukhan sits atop a gargantuan earth mote. It is high in the mountains, making it almost inaccessible without flight. Many of its citizens pay homage to Melora and Ares.

Tulukhan's two main enemies are Zomaar Yelvaad and the Thashangriel. Lacking the strength and resources to fully cope with these rivals, Tulukhan is part of a long-standing mutual defense pact with Tyk-Culten and several smaller groups.

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