Demogorgon, Prince of Demons
CategoryHigher Powers
RaceDemon (Demon Lord)
Alignmentchaotic evil
DomainChaos, Demonic, Corruption
EnemiesAvandra, Orcus
Godhood10 Bloom 666 LE

Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons, is perhaps the most powerful demon lord in all of the Abyss. He claims to rule three worlds of that system. He spends much of his time on Abyssm, plotting and scheming. His rise to power began in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), leading the charge against the primordials. Demogorgon began as a primordial, created to serve in the armies of the Primordial Lords. Like tens of thousands of others, he was corrupted, turned evil by the Threads of Damnation. They had been created to serve the primordial war machines invading numerous worlds in the Creation War. Tempered by evil, the demons saw little reason to help the primordials. The primordial inquisitor Tyr'kept called them "crazed", operating in a spectrum of thought that is a poisonous mix, of murderous intent, loyalty to oneself and tending to follow only as long as they are weaker. Taking place during the Creation War, the demons rose up in their own war with the primordials. Their Abyssal Release, helping the Covenant defeat the primordials.

In 8066 DE, Demogorgon and the primordial Hon'palos teamed up to capture Storralk. The captured foe was taken back to Abyssm where he was magically sunk into Demogorgon's Bleeding Throne.

In the Demon Spawn War, Demogorgon was one of the demon lords that sought to claim territory on the world Bal-Kriav.

Master, a few self-proclaimed lords have begun the invasion of Quara'tun. General Siva'yah requests that we begin our assault.

Tell that fool, to not underestimate the angels for they faced and defeated the primordials, with our help. We will let the other soften them up a bit.

- Drachgarr, court adviser to Demogorgon - "Quara'tun Invasion Planning"

In 8977 GE, Demogorgon's armies invaded Hells Womb. They would have caused a lot more destruction and problems for the gods and angels if not for the disaster at Ladneg. Before this time, Covenant intelligence said Demogorgon was extremely charismatic, the best leader they have, not bound by good, he will use any measure to gain victory. He has no desire for wealth, giving most away to his soldiers. After Ladneg, Demogorgon became conflicted, two minds that were once one, now competed with each other. When it was learned what Demogorgon was a changed "man", Covenant leaders sighed with relief, nodding and raising mugs to the archangel Lukoon, known for his uncanny luck.

In addition to Hells Womb, his armies pushed into the Tribe Steppes and the Great Expanse. They generally avoided Grashakh because of its rugged terrain and aptness of Covenant generals to pin down the demons greater numbers in valleys and defiles.

Thanks to those that made copies of his book Square Nails, Demogorgon became a cult power on 10 Bloom 666 LE. His cultists spread his word by way of his accursed book.

In the Phael-Tetramord War (10 - 25), a number of elves were duped or lured into calling upon demoniac aid. This happened over decades and led to a degradation in the morality of many elves of Phael. The final outcome of demonic assistance resulted in the opening of the Ungorth Reddik Road; a rift linking Turgon with the world Abyssm. Demons flooded through this gateway, attacking both parties of the conflict.

The demons that came down the Ungorth Reddik Road were minions of Demogorgon. They subjugated those that were too slow to leave Turgon. Today, the entire continent of Turgon is ruled by demon generals under this demon lord. They have long worked to find a way through the Turgon Boundary Ward. It is unlikely they will ever break it, since this ward was erected by the god Arcana.

Demogorgon has two independent thinking heads, one named Aameul and the other Hethradiah. They usually work together towards common goals, but have diverged on a number of occasions. One one such occasion where one head plotted against the other, it led to the creation of the troglodyte race.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
SmizerakWidows of Modrerthim
Witch Horde
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Minor Power
Modulating Energy+15 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Punishing Assaultan additional 1-12 hit points of cumulative profane damage in a round, such that if three hits are scored on one creature in a round then they suffer an additional 1-12 for the first hit, 2-12 for the second hit, 3-24 for the third hit