CategoryFallen Empires
DeitiesArcana, Asmodeus
FounderDragur Morerenne
Reign1615 HE - 185

When the Mir'piamauza Empire fell, it broke into provinces ruled by Piamauza satraps. Civil wars to re-unite the provinces failed. Tired of centuries of warfare with their neighbors and now internal ones, many fled. Some made for other regions, both on the surface and beneath. One group, led by the merchant lord Dragur Morerenne, used dozens of his own ships to ferry people to Skegjold. He took nearly 5,000 people north to a land that was untamed. On the eastern coasts of Cinazan, the people under him founded Balmoloch. A few years after the founding of this settlement, the empire Draguron was established.

Draguron's expansion into the hills west of the Rute brought them into conflict with the Itu Esto'khar hobgoblins. By 1801 HE, the hobgoblins were defeated and absorbed into the empire. They became a second-class citizen and were regulated to roles in the military or labor. The expanding settlements of Draguron followed the mines which went north into Ice Cap. The Dragurons then ran into conflicts with goliath tribes. The goliath hired dwarven mercenaries from Malad-Mîn and then enticed the dwarves into declaring war on the Dragurons. The conflicts were even-matched for a long time, but then the Dragurons started suffering from large scale attacks in their rear. The dwarves were using the Underdark to attack lightly defended settlements and even attacking the capital city of Dragur by undermining it.

The Dragurons, predominately made-up of the devil-spawn race Piamauza, got desperate, falling back to what got the Mir'piamauza Empire in trouble. They turned to summoning devils, demons, and other fiendish aid; just as they had done at Irrangrad. One of the lords that was summoned was a lackey of Orcus. He provided powerful undead to them, and the spells needed to bolster their armies with undead. When Asmodeus learned that Orcus was helping "his" creations, he decided it was time to put an end to the traitors. His efforts to correct the problem were small, but not needed. The undead population swelled in the empire, then got out of control.

By the Year 185, powerful liches, mummy lords, vampires, and other powerful undead had divided the holdings of Draguron into their own spheres of control. They fought among themselves and wiped out the living wherever they found them. The Draguron empire was lost. The dwarves (now of Brisingr) and goliath tribes retreated deeper into the Ice Cap to avoid suffering the same fate. The undead that made their way north were either lost in blizzards or destroyed by the frost giants of Netheram.

The people that escaped the decline and fall of the empire fled west into the interior of Cinazan. They ended up in places like Herfarel or Izen'nâth. When the Khazarkar Empire came to Cinazan, they would absorb a sizable population of Piamauza into their population.

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