CategoryHigher Powers
WorldDol Vahdin
RaceEarth Titan (Primordial)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Symbolblack flame
DomainChaos, Fire, Wisdom
BornDawn Era
Godhood13 War March 1421 LE
Died30 Dreamer 1695

Coeus was an earth titan. His worship on Bal-Kriav began in Varelay. It spread among this empire's slave population after idols and scrolls were found in Mughakh-Gol. Vareley's demons were unable to stop the spread of his religion, so they ended up encouraging it as a means to keep the slaves in check. Many of these priests of Coeus were agents working on behalf of Varelay's demon masters.

In 2612 LE, Coeus's worshipers were suffering under the yoke of Varelay. The worshipers sought their freedom, pledging eternal allegiance to Coeus if he would help in defeating their slave masters. The worshipers, using an angelic tome, opened a rift to the world Dol Vahdin. They hoped to bring their god to the world Bal-Kriav. Varelay's spies knew what was going on and planned to bring down the rift as Coeus came through, hopefully killing him. When the inter-system rift was closed, Coeus was sent back to his home world. The place where the rift was, became a deep smoking canyon that came to be known as Toth Coeus. Not long after all this happened, the angelic tome that was instrumental in opening the rift, was forcefully recovered by the Ishtu Irrai.

The minotaurs of Ba'lith worshiped Coeus for almost eight centuries (815 to 1695). His followers were many, yet his small sect of minotaur priests prevented the deity from gaining power considering his fairly large worshiper base. He was worshiped for about three centuries in the Tormoran Federation.

The purging of his priesthood in the Coeus Civil War (1694 - 1697) was the beginnings his downfall. A year into this war, on 30 Dreamer 1695, Coeus was slain by the soon to be emperor of Ba'lith, Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc. This hero took a number of things from Coeus that would be used in weapons and armor he created at Tas'dvr Mout. Coeus's blood was used in the forging of his armor Adarmînal. Raxcvillibus also took Coeus's hammer Drogrorn.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Tormoran Federation
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