RegionHigh Wood Country
Founded27 Temporal 551

Amanwen was a beautiful city of emerald colored crystals, green and brown marbles, and interlaced with canals and a dozen small islands. The Angrod took care to have the city's architecture meld with the surrounding valley.

The city once teamed with more than 20,000 wood elves and other fey creatures. In 1515, the Gorum Horde swept into the valley with a thirst for blood. Many elves tried to flee into the highlands of the valley. Wings of hundars, native to the Khultamir mires, and led by four hellfire wyrms raked the fleeing elves. Only a very few made it out of the Quendirion valley. The Gorum Horde slaughtered most of the city's population. The hellfire wyrms despoiled the city with desecrate and unhallow spells. The jara left the place in ruins, returning back to the Tribe Steppes. The hellfire wyrms made the ruins their lair. They only lasted a few years, the wood elves came back to the place in force and exterminated these evil creatures.

A cloud of dust rose over the horizon, it grew darker with each passing hour, and then thunder rolled from the plains, ten thousand sets of hooves galloping. The horde of jara swept through the frontier outposts, trampling livestock, woman, children, and the aged as if they were nothing more than grass. The elves blanketed the skies with arrows, their song in flight like a swarm of bees. Hundreds of the marauders fell under the missiles. The massive half-horse and half-humanoids were an ugly, bestial race. Their hairy and heavily muscled legs were scarred from riding through briars, thickets, and wounds from many battles. The jara's breasts, arms and faces were tattoo with spiders, hawks, dragons, snakes, and other predatory beasts. The thick and misshapen heads were set with piercing black eyes and bushy eyebrows. Some had their scraggy hair in topknots or in braids, while the chiefs were bald with a tattoo of a web and spiders. The horde wielded the cruelest of weapons, serrated and saw-tooth swords, spiked bucklers, chains, Jara Bows, and lances with pennons representing their tribe, Blood Bringer, Hawk Screech, Vulture Marrow, Bone Grinder, Entrail Eaters, and an untold number of other evil tribal names. The slaughter they brought spared no living creature in their path. A few of us, lucky to hide in the reeds of a river were spared the grisly fate of the fallen.

- Leekal the Fletcher, of Amanwen - "Last Day of Amanwen"

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