Founded18 Hollow 1888 HE

Tharuzbaluk began as a camp for fishermen out of Hagurthand. It was mainly used in the last three months of the year, during what fishermen call the Angel Glass Spawn. Over the next century, it became a permanent home for some, and continued to grow until coming under the desires of another to give it a proper government. The petty lords that ran the village were not happy with becoming subjects of Hagurthand, but were no match militarily to contest the change. In 1888 HE, Tharuzbaluk became a hold of Hagurthand. This lasted 22 years, with Tharuzbaluk then declaring itself an independent city-state.

The leaders of Hagurthand are answerable to their own people and not the dictates of another over 150 miles away. We pay for our own defense and administrative expenses yet are treated as a vassal state by Hagurthand's masters. Rise up and answer the call, Independence for Tharuzbaluk!

Kûn Malak, independence instigator - "Call for Independence"

In the Year 20, Tharuzbaluk declared itself an independent city-state, bringing on war. Conflict between the two city-states continued until the fall of Tharuzbaluk in the Year 77. A few months later, Tharuzbaluk, Hagurthand, Arazindam, and Duluk-Zirag were merged as one under the Irdtrax empire.

In the First Epoch, the prosperity of the city was such that the capital was moved from Hagurthand to Tharuzbaluk.

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